Thursday 17 June 2021

Rabbit and Its Friends

Once a rabbit lived in a forest. He had many friends. He was proud of them for having such friends

Rabbit and Its Foolish Friends
Rabbit and Its Foolish Friends


One day the rabbit was in search of food. Suddenly it heard the loud barking of the wild dogs. Hearing this he was very scared and decided to go to one of his friends and ask for help. He quickly went to his friend deer. He said, "Dear friend, some wild dogs are chasing me. Please chase them away with your sharp antlers and save me from them. Then the Deer said that it could but it was busy. And also the dear advised the rabbit to ask the bear for help?"

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Immediately, the rabbit ran to the bear and requested him to help him. Dear bear some wild dogs are after me. Please chase them away as you are strong enough to drove them. then Bear replied: "I am sorry my friend. I am hungry and very tired today. I need to find some food to eat. Please ask the monkey for help".

The poor rabbit went to the monkey, elephant, goat and all of his friends but nobody helped him. He felt very sad. He understood that he has to think of a way out. He hid under a bush. He lay still there the wild dogs went their way.


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