Tuesday 15 June 2021

The Wise Mouse Moral Story

Hi friends! Are you searching for The Wise Mouse Bedtime Moral Story? You are at the right place to read Tenali Rama's Stories here. In this post, I wrote The Wise Mouse Moral Story.
The Wise Mouse Bedtime Moral Story
The Wise Mouse Bedtime Moral Story

Once Upon a time in a large grey house there lived a small grey mouse. It was old but wise. In the same house, the mouse lived along with a black cat. The cat tried many a time to catch the mouse but failed to do that.

One day the mouse went into the kitchen. Unfortunately, it met with the cat. The cat felt very happy. It thought of a good plan to catch the mouse to make its dream come true. It invited the mouse for dinner outside the house. The mouse accepted the invitation of the cat.

The mouse thought sometime before going to dinner. It predicted some danger from the cat. It asked the cat to wait until he put on the Red Sunday coat. It crept into a hole. The foolish

cat waited outside the hole. The mouse didn‘t turn up.

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