Tuesday 22 December 2020

The Chameleon Bedtime Kids Story

Hi friends! Are you searching for The Chameleon Bedtime Moral Story? You are at the right place to read Tenali Rama's Stories here. In this post, I wrote The Chameleon Bedtime Kids Story.
The Chameleon Bedtime Moral Story
The Chameleon Bedtime Moral Story

Once two travelers, happened on their journey got into a warm dispute about the colour
of the chameleon. One of them said it was blue and that he observed it with his own eyes in the cooling shade of a tree. The other retorted it was green, saying he had seen it enjoying the bright sunshine. From words they almost came to blows, when a third person luckily coming by, they agreed to refer the question to his decision. 
Gentleman ―, said the umpire, ―you are both mistaken, for the creature is totally black; and I examined it only last night by a candlelight. "Black impossible! they cried out, when to solve the doubt, the arbitrator (the third person) drew it out of his pocket. And lo! It was as white as snow. The three looked equally surprised and foolish. Seeing this, the Chameleon thus advised them: ―My dear children, you are all right, only each one of you observed me under different circumstances. Next, when you talk of what you see, remember others can see as well as you.


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