Wednesday 9 June 2021

The Farmer And His Sons Story

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The Farmer And His Sons Bedtime Moral Story
The Farmer And His Sons Bedtime Moral Story

The Farmer And His Sons Bedtime Moral Story

Once there lived a farmer who had five sons. They were strong and hardworking. But they always quarreled with one another. Sometimes, they even fought. The farmer felt very sad about it. He wanted his sons to stop quarreling and fighting. He wanted them to live altogether peacefully. Plain words of advice or scolding did not have much effect on sons. The farmer always thought about what he should do to keep his sons united. 

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One day he found a solution to the problem. So he called all his sons together. He showed them a bundle of sticks and asked them he wanted any of them to break those sticks without separating them from the bundle. Each of the five sons tried one by one. They used their full strength to beak the bundle. But none of them could break the bundle. Then the old man separated the bundle and gave each of them just a single stick to break. 

They broke the sticks very easily. The farmer said that a single stick by itself was weak. It is strong as long as it is tied up in a bundle. Likewise, you would be strong if you were united. You would be weak if you were divided.”

Moral: United we stand, Divided we fall.

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