Sunday 27 December 2020

The Donkey's Brain and The Lion Kids Story

Hi friends! Are you searching for Bed Time Moral Story? You are at the right place to read Moral Stories here. In this post, I have written The Donkey's Brain and The Lion Bedtime Moral Story.
The Donkey's Brain and The Lion Bedtime Moral Story
The Donkey's Brain and The Lion Bedtime Moral Story
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Once a lion lived in the forest. He had a jackal as his minister. Both of them always went for hunting. The lion used to kill animals and the jackal gets his share to help the lion.

One day, the lion fell ill. He could not go out. But he was very hungry. He called the jackal and said, "Dear friend, I am hungry. But, I am too sick to hunt. You will have to help me get some food".

Jackal went in search of prey. He finally got a donkey. He said to the donkey, "Hello, donkey sir! The king of the forest wants to make you his minister". The foolish donkey is overjoyed at the plot. He followed the jackal. The lion killed the donkey. But, he felt so thirsty before eating. He said to the jackal, "Take care of the donkey." I will be back shortly. ”

As soon as the lion came out, the jackal started eating the donkey's brain. When the lion returned he found the donkey's brain missing.

He asked the jackal. "Where's the donkey's brain?" The jackal answered fearfully, "If he had his mind he would have come here?"

MORAL : A small thought saves a lot.

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